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Programs & Readings

Chris' Psychic Evenings / Seance Group Program

 An exciting and fun-filled (5 stars on Tripadvisor!) hour and a half program with documented psychic medium  and handwriting analyst Chris McBrien! Great for couples, groups, bachelorette parties and more! Buy tickets for an event or book your own program! Chris is not only highly skilled he's also an absolutely charming and funny host who amazes everyone with his accuracy with fast-paced and fun Flash Tarot readings for the whole room to get everyone warmed up! Even the most skeptical will be amazed!  Then...Spirit Mediumship!  Chris uses his skills to reach out to those dearly departed and reveal amazing facts about them that only those nearest them would know.  And after, Chris will astound everyone with facts about their personalities while reading their handwriting! EVERYONE GETS TO TRY EVERYTHING! A fast paced show that's amazing, mysterious, moving, yet charming and fun while always respectful to the living and the deceased. Rated a "must see while in Galena" by Tripadvisor! Seating is limited and we fill up fast, so book early! 7pm Friday and Saturday nights year round (though on busy weekends we may offer a 7pm and 9pm) in our upstairs beautiful and cozy Victorian Readings  Parlor! Also available for private parties, including the Galena Territory and beyond!  A great and fun group reading! 

$25 per person

Duration: 1 Hour 15 min

Where: 303 1/2 South Main St. in Galena. 

Booking: Call or text 630-945-2911 or email

READINGS: Available On Site or By Phone!

Sample Tarot Reading: 10 min. basic reading $15

Half Hour Readings: Detailed Tarot Reading with choice of one or two as time allows: Stone Casting, Aura Reading, Spirit Mediumship with one spirit.

Half Hour (1 - 2 ppl): $50

Full Hour Reading: Detailed Tarot Reading with up to four of the following arts as time allows: Stone Casting/Reading, Full Aura Reading, Spirit Mediumship with up to two spirits, Energy Work/Alignment, Stone or Object Charging/Blessing as well as 

Handwriting Analysis for either the participant or for an writing sample of their choice.

Full Hour (1 - 4 ppl): $100

Readings By Phone: $50 Half Hour, $100 Full Hour

Large Group Readings: Up to approx. 10, $300 per hour. Two Hours: $500.

Ask about our Bachelorette and Wedding Party Packages!


"The Art of Spirit Communication"

One Hour: Up to 15 people. My approach is to read spirits present in the room and approach those they wish to speak to to converse as well as taking requests using the full name of the departed to call them. Receiving evidence or direct information that only the deceased and the living would know is crucial to ensure the right spirits are connected. Space is blessed prior to program and all measures are taken to ensure the best results possible. Special attention is made to the sacredness and sanctity of contacting the deceased. Please note this is not a seance and does not include darkness, holding hands, chanting, bell or other traditional seance tools or ritual. Instead, Chris' mediumship skills are presented in a light, positive, loving format distinctly unique to his training and his family's ancient spiritual traditions that will provide your group with a happy, fulfilling and positive spiritual experience cherished by all.

Two hour: Up to 30 or slightly over. See above for details. 

Remember, not all spirits will show up just because you want them to. They do what they wish. That said, Chris has an amazing track record for reaching them. The deceased do tend to gather around him well before their chance to speak to their loved ones, especially if they have something to say or the living sincerely wish to reach out to them.  Chris moves the program along to meet the needs and requests of both the living and deceased in a timely manner to cover as many as possible. 

Chris has performed literally dozens of mediumship sessions over the years especially since opening his regularly scheduled programs in Galena, IL. He works out of his Victorian Readings Parlor at 303 1/2 South Main St., Galena, Illinois.

One Hour Group Spirit Mediumship  Session: $300

Two Hour Group Spirit Mediumship Session: $500

House Cleansings and Blessings

Chris has been performing home blessings and cleansings, and combinations of the two, since 1996. Using multiple spiritual disciplines including, Pictish Shamanism and Mysticism from his family background (lifelong since 10 years of age), Sufism (9 years training) and Traditional Witchcraft (7 years training), Chris uses his 36 years expereience and multi-faceted training to bless, cleanse or bless and cleanse your home in a manner that aligns as closely as possible with your own personal spiritual beliefs. It's recommended to do both for full household harmony.

Home Cleansings and Blessings: $150 

Energy Work

Energy work is usually requested to send energy with a various charge to help bring about a specific end result. Chris has been working with this art since he was 10 years old learning how to meditate in his grandparents back yard. His vast experience in his family's shamanic tradition, training from teachers including his 9 years with a Sufi master specializing in this art uniquely qualify Chris. His clients and those working with him will palpably feel the energy he raises, and those receiving always report positive results! He is adept at the use of ancient names and sounds to achieve the best results. His ability to astral travel as well as his near death experience both help him be especially effective. 

Besides the use of drumming and chanting, Chris also utilizes a rare form of energy raising through the art  of dowsing specific to his family background.

Energy Work Session: $300

Groups, Special Events & Workshops

Workshops are available:

Meditation Class (Weekly Saturday 11am)

 Each Meditation Class session will incorporate elements of Chris McBrien's Shamanic (30 years) and Sufi (9 years) meditation training incorporating relaxation & visualization technique, release and awareness techniques, dhikr/chanting of holy names for inner and outer awareness and a weekly spiritual lesson! The methods taught go right to the heart of helping activate the seeker in moving towards their purpose by cultivating self reflection. Great for the beginner and meditation veteran alike! Every Saturday morning 11am - 12pm! Limited seating! Located upstairs in Chris' historic Victorian Parlors in the Turkish Meditation Room at 303 1/2 South Main St. in beautiful historic downtown Galena! A great start to your day! Only $15 per session! Donations of greater welcome.

Handwriting Analysis: 

Participants get to be both amazed by Chris' abilities in this art form and accredited social science that he's been studying since he was a child as well as formal training at WIU. He is always precise and performs this workshop up to 100 times a year in the public library system in Illinois and Iowa as well as for numerous corporations. He also shows participants the basics of how he is deriving his information on the subject, enabling them to try it out after the program! He keeps the program light and fun! Always respectful and friendly, Chris never goes too "in depth" but will find out facts about your group there's no way he should know!  This program always garners rave reviews and has been performed hundreds of times since 2005. He also offers in-depth analysis for individuals, just ask!

Individual: $50

Group Event: $300

Shamanism Intensive:

Spend a whole day with a shaman! Chris's family brought a unique form of shamanism, documented in a family book that is on both the state and national historic register, from Northern Ireland's remote Antrim coast to America in 1809. They have diligently kept it alive and Chris is the head of this rare and legendary family tradition of the "Picts". This program has been performed from his home all the way to Germany on DOD bases and back to the famous Circle Sanctuary in Barneveld, Wisconsin by special invite of Selena Fox, the most famous witch of her generation. From his unique meditation technique to lessons on grounding, energy raising, directing, perception of inner and outer states, astral travel to basic communication with spirits and charging stones and sacred spaces, this program is one of the rarest and most unique experiences you will have in the art of shamanism.

Shamanism Group Intensive: $300

Groups and Special Events:

Chris can be at a table at your party, quietly doing readings, or he can be the center of attention doing a large group reading, a seance program, handwriting workshop or shamanism workshop!  He's a flexible performer who is charming and loves people!  You'll find he gets along with everyone and has an easygoing yet affable style that makes him perfect for your event. And, he's funny! He's been doing school assemblies and family programs for years in his other job as a diversity, literacy and anti-bullying speaker. He is never boring, and his humor is always appropriate and appreciated! 

Ask about our Bachelorette and Wedding Party Packages!

Call or Email to Book:

(630) 945-2911


Christopher McBrien, Galena's Psychic Medium & Shaman

303 1/2 S. Main St. #2, Galena, Illinois 61036

Email/Call/Text Inquiries are responded to within 24 hours between 9am - 5pm, Tues.-Sat.

A minimum of half-down deposit is generally required  to hold appointments. Deposits are not refunded but may be used to reschedule for a different date or used for a different kind of reading. Serving Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa! Located near Dubuque, IA in Galena, IL!



About Me



My  family, on my mother's side, moved here in 1809 from the wild northern  coast of County Antrim, Ireland. They brought with them a book  containing family history, talk of leaving due to religious persecution  and shamanic symbols carried down for generations. My ancestor who was  chief in recording the information as head of the family was worried if  he didn't make the voyage the lineage could be lost. This book was of   paramount importance to my journey in life.

Most psychic mediums will tell you they grew up with "gifts", and my  story is the same. I was born with my skills as a psychic medium and  grew up with the ability to communicate with the dead. The saving grace  for me was that my mother's parents  acknowledged such gifts and were  both gnostic in practice and heavily into spiritualism, including  the  disciplines of mediation, mediumship, dowsing, astrology and yoga. My  grandmother as well as her mother were also mediums, my great  grandmother being the only one in our family besides myself in modern  times to use our gift publicly. My grandparents encouraged me to follow  our family's Pictish shamanic background seeing it living in me.  I  spent a lot of time with them growing up, just the three of us, learning  all I could.

In the early nineties during college at WIU I met two teachers, Dolores  and George. Dolores ran RA New Age Source, a bookstore in Davenport, IA  and was considered by many to be a very powerful witch, coming from a  South American lineage. George was one of my teachers in college, and a  Welsh Witch of traditional lineage. He was well known on campus and had   psychic abilities that many attested to. Dolores had incredible psychic  abilities and was very maternal in her teaching encouraging my inner  discipline and how that discipline manifested in the outer world. George  encouraged the development of my abilities. Both challenged me  considerably for 4 years and helped me focus on my purpose.

After college I was encouraged to go on pilgrimage to the UK by both.  After  many valuable lessons and incredible experiences at sacred sites I  returned and was told that my last teacher was in Southern Illinois. I  had returned knowing that the last lesson involved taming or controlling  the Ego, and something about Divine Union. Both told me that this  teacher would not be "advertising" just as they had not, and patience   would be required.

After waiting for two years I opened up a gallery for my artwork (I'm  also an  artist) and it happened to be next to a shop run by Sufis, or  "mystics". The term "Sufi" means "simplest/most sincere" and refers to  adherents wanting union with the Divine above all else. There are  "Sufis" in almost every spiritual tradition, and whatever "religion"  they practice on the outside, it's only an outer shell for the very   ancient shamanic deeper tradition on the inside. 

I  met their master, Sheikh Din Al Dayemi, and he agreed to help me  finish my training. The training is traditionally 9 years. I was the  only  pagan student he ever had, my goal being to learn the deeper  shamanism  within the path. My training included lessons on multiple  levels  psychologically designed to help me detach from my ego and  regain, as a  soul, control of my words, actions and purpose. Outer  methods included daily prayer, early morning meditation and chanting,  vegetarianism and  refraining from alcohol and other destructive  habits. 

After 9 years we both knew it was time, and my training came to an end.  He  told me I'd always be welcome and stated I had now completed my   training. At this point my family made the decision to move back north  to take better jobs and bring our children closer to their grandparents.  During this time I had a near death experience in 2011. I was dead for  approx. 3 min. This experience and the memories from it and the meeting  during have greatly enhanced not only my abilities but also my knowledge  of "why" things  work they way they do in the spiritual realm. It has  helped me directly know and live my purpose on a daily basis so as to be  of as much service as possible.

I  have hosted numerous shamanic groups, taught many students and done  workshops for organizations like Circle Sanctuary through Selena Fox. I  have utilized my gift as a psychic medium much over the years but mostly  for family and friends. Currently I utilize my gifts publicly for the  first time in my family since my great grandmother in my weekly  Friday  and Saturday group program "Chris' Psychic Evenings" at my Victorian Readings Parlor at 303 1/2 South Main St. in Galena, IL as  well as weekly bookings and walk-in readings. I also do private  readings, group readings, group events, workshops, home blessings and  cleansings outside my office as well. All to rave reviews. I work hard  to utilize my skills to help people. 

It's my absolute honor and pleasure, as well as  my calling and purpose in this  life, to use my gifts as a psychic  medium, my 36 years of training as a shaman, the wisdom passed down from  my family/teachers and my own life experience in helping others in  their path and purpose to find what they need. I look forward to the  opportunity to serve you!

May Peace Be Upon You!

Chris McBrien, Galena's Psychic Medium & Shaman

(630) 945-2911

303 1/2 S. Main St #2, Galena Illinois 61036

Galena, IL is just a 15 min. trip from Dubuque, IA and a 30 min. trip from Platteville, WI!