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Reading Services

5 Stars and Recommended on Tripadvisor and Google! 

Sample Tarot Reading: 10 min. basic reading $20 (only offered if there is time between other appointments, cannot be reserved as an appointment, only offered in person on a first come first serve basis)

Half  Hour Readings: Detailed Tarot Reading with Psychometry and choice of one or two as time  allows: Stone Casting, Aura Reading, Spirit Mediumship with one spirit.

Half Hour (1 - 2 ppl): $60

Full  Hour Reading: Detailed Tarot Reading with Psychometry and up to two or three of the following  arts as time allows: Stone Casting/Reading, Full Aura Reading, Spirit  Mediumship, Energy Work/Alignment, Stone or  Object Charging/Blessing.

Full Hour (1 - 5 ppl): $120

Readings By Phone: $60 Half Hour, $120 Full Hour

Appointments may be rescheduled or cancelled with 24 hours advance notice, no refunds. Any questions please email

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